We’ve heard your questions, and we’re here with the answers.

What's included?

Our standard service includes:

  • Top-to-Bottom Dusting: walls, vents, windowsills, shelves, mirrors, baseboards, lamps, knick-knacks– you name it, we dust it!
  • Surface Sanitization: in addition to dusting, we wipe down all tables, bureaus, desks, counters, and other flat furniture surfaces with our all-purpose cleaning solution
  • Sparkling Bathrooms: we ensure that your showers, tubs, and toilets are fully disinfected and dazzlingly clean!  In addition, we polish all stainless steel fixtures and wipe down glass and mirrors with our streak-free glass solution
  • Tidy Kitchens: we scrub not only counters and sinks, but anywhere grime accumulates– cabinet facings, backsplash, microwaves (inside and out!), appliances, and more
  • Floors: we vacuum and mop the remaining dust from your home just before leaving for spotless carpets and footprint-free floors

Still curious?  Our cleaner’s checklist provides a full break-down of the individual services included in our standard service package.  Find something missing from our checklist?  You’re welcome to contact us about performing additional services, although we unfortunately can’t guarantee all requests.

How much will it cost?

The price of our service depends on the size of a customer’s home and the frequency with which we clean it.  Email, call, or text us and we can give you a quick estimate of how much you might expect to pay for a standard clean.  We offer discounts for biweekly, monthly, and seasonal clients, with higher discounts for more frequent customers.

What materials do you use?

We use Biokleen’s all-purpose concentrate as the base for our cleaning solutions.  The Environmental Working Group, an independent consumer product assessment agency, gave this product an A: the use of Biokleen’s all-purpose concentrate presents no known or suspected hazards to human health or the environment.  (For comparison, similar products by Meyer’s Clean Day and Seventh Generation received Cs.)  For a detailed list of the product’s ingredients, click here.  In addition to our all-purpose cleaner, we also use castile soap, for gently cleaning delicate surfaces, and essential oil, to improve the odor of the all-purpose cleaner.  We use reusable microfiber dusters and melamine foam sponges (i.e. “magic” erasers) and minimize use of paper towels and other disposable products.

It doesn’t take much digging to hit the dirt: conventional cleaning solutions are irritating, toxic, and, in some cases, carcinogenic.  They persist in both your home and in the environment and cause long-term damage not only to you and your family, but also to the professional cleaners who use them.  One study found that regular use of conventional solutions over a 10-20 year period can be as detrimental to a cleaner’s lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day over the same period.  Peace Lily Cleaning offers a simple, straightforward alternative: non-toxic, sustainable cleaning services that you, the earth, and our cleaners can feel good about.

What if I'm dissatisfied?

We hold our cleaners’ work to a high standard and take our customers’ complaints seriously.  Once we receive and verify a complaint, we typically offer a partial or full refund or a free re-clean.  Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority list.

"Non-toxic, sustainable cleaning services that you, the earth, and our cleaners can feel good about."

Will my home be safe?

At Peace Lily Cleaning, we take every possible step to treat your home with the respect it deserves.  Our hiring and training process takes into account not only a new hire’s performance but also their character.  In the years we’ve spent working with and managing professional cleaners, we’ve never dealt with any incident of gross misbehavior.

We’re nonetheless insured against against property damage and theft.  We’re also insured against any injuries our clients might sustain as a result of negligence on the part of our cleaners. 

We take pride in treating our cleaners with the respect they deserve: we pay them fairly, train them thoroughly, and give them platforms for voicing their concerns.  Many of our cleaners use their incomes to support themselves and their families; cleaning is their livelihood and ours.  We believe that when we offer our cleaners and clients our good faith, our trust, and our support, they return it.